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Browns LB Karlos Dansby Responds to Darnell Dockett's Remarks About Him

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett has a thing for trashing people as soon as they depart the organization. During the 2013 offseason, he said that he hated the scheme used by former defensive coordinator Ray Horton.

A couple of days ago, he went after a member of the Browns again -- this time, it was veteran linebacker Karlos Dansby. Dockett said that by going to Cleveland, Dansby was, "chasing the money versus chasing a ring." Dockett also tried to talk about the sacrifices he and his fellow defensive linemen made last year to boost Dansby's profile:

"When you look at everything that we've done -- the sacrifices our defensive line made for that certain individual to make his plays and going into a game not being selfish -- our defensive line don't care about sacks and tackles and stuff. We come in to do our job to hold guys off our linebackers."

There is something about the above quote, and it's the fact that last offseason, Dockett said the thing he hated about Horton's scheme was that the defensive linemen were doing the non-stat things to let the linebackers get the stats. Now, one season later, he's spewing the complete opposite attitude.

Earlier today, Dansby responded to Tom Reed of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, and he wasn't happy:

"It was very disrespectful to my teammates and that’s the only reason I’m going to somewhat respond to it. It’s disrespectful to my teammates, it’s disrespectful to this organization and all the history it has here. ... It pissed me off big time."

"The way he was saying it, I feel like he doesn’t believe in the guys in the locker room. That’s how I look at it. If I was to leave and you feel like you can’t make noise because I’m gone, you don’t trust the guys that are there."

Outside linebacker Quentin Groves, who was also a former teammate of Dockett's, weighed in on the matter:

Unless they square off in the Super Bowl, Dansby and Dockett won't have the opportunity to mix it up on the field. The next time the Browns face the Cardinals in the regular season will be in 2015.