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Daily Dawg Chow: Browns news (4/8/14)

David Welker


Cleveland Browns:

  • "Cleveland clash: Irving, Gordon in media spat" (AP) - "As if the Cavaliers and Browns don't have enough trouble winning games. Now their most prominent stars are going at it. Cavs All-Star guard Kyrie Irving and Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon spent the past few days in a media spat, exchanging barbs across TV, Twitter and newspaper."
  • "Burleson: 'Nothing handed to me'" (FSO) - "The Browns newest receiver is expected to be in the mix to be the starter opposite Pro Bowl receiver Josh Gordon. However, Nate Burleson said nothing has been promised to him."
  • "Sorting out the Browns wide receiver situation" (WFNY) - "The Browns announced the signing of Nate Burleson on Sunday night. Burleson will be 33 when the season begins. He has had a nice NFL career, but at this point he isn’t exactly the threat opposite Gordon that would make the Browns a dangerous offense."
  • "Browns-centered 'Draft Day' leaves realism out of its playbook" (Morning Journal) - "If the movie 'Draft Day' were a realistic portrayal of how the Browns prepare for and conduct a draft, it would go a long way to explain why they have had only two winning seasons since 1999."