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Browns 2014 NFL Preseason Schedule Released

The NFL released the schedule for the 2014 preseason today.

David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

The Cleveland Browns' 2014 preseason schedule was released by the NFL today, and here is a moderate surprise: the Browns will be featured on Monday Night Football! Why give the Browns the spotlight?

Preseason Schedule for the Browns

  • Preseason Game 1: Cleveland at Detroit (August 7-10)
  • Preseason Game 2: Cleveland at Washington (August 18, 8:00 PM, MNF)
  • Preseason Game 3: St. Louis at Cleveland (August 21-24)
  • Preseason Game 4: Chicago at Cleveland (August 28)

The first two games are on the road before Cleveland comes home to FirstEnergy Stadium against the Rams and the Bears. That will be the first time that most fans get to see the stadium renovations that have been taking place this offseason.

The Browns will not be repeating any of their preseason opponents in the regular season. Cleveland's regular season opponents (the order of the schedule has not yet been unveiled) are as follows:

Regular Season Opponents for the Browns

  • Home: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Houston, Indianapolis, New Orleans, Tampa Bay, Oakland
  • Away: Baltimore, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Jacksonville, Tennessee, Atlanta, Carolina, Buffalo