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2014 DBN Mock Draft: Minnesota Vikings Select QB Derek Carr at No. 8

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

With the eighth pick in the 2014 Dawgs By Nature Community Mock Draft, the Minnesota Vikings select...

Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State

This selection and write-up was made by PaduaDSP:

Rick Spielman missed on Christian Ponder a few years ago and he gets a rare second chance to find a franchise QB for the team he runs. Carr has just about everything one could desire in a QB. He has an above average arm, is a solid athlete and comes with a considerable amount of experience from playing 4 years of college football. Carr has some issues to work out at the next level but Carr is the ideal fit for the Vikings new offensive system and will give Spielman and new Head Coach Mike Zimmer a QB they can build around.

Browns fans are familiar with the offense Minnesota will be running this year as our old friend Norv Turner has taken over the offensive coordinator duties under Mike Zimmer. Turner’s vertical passing offense is a perfect fit for the strong armed and athletic Carr.  Carr’s accuracy and decision making are ideal traits for any young QB to posses and should serve him well in Turner's system. If Carr works out some of the issues that surround his game, footwork and throwing under pressure being the most important, he should be able to shine in Norv's offense.

Carr has a chance to come in and play right away for a Minnesota team that has plenty in the way back up QBs but nothing in the way of starting caliber NFL QBs. With the leagues best RB lining up behind Carr he won’t have to carry the entire offensive load and can be brought along slowly while still going through the rookie growing pains that almost all young QBs experience.

This would be the right move for new head coach Mike Zimmer -- forget about the lackluster play that Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel provide, and replace them with Derek Carr. With as good of a running back as Adrian Peterson is, he shelf life can't be very much longer, so they need to hope Carr can deliver early.

The Buffalo Bills are up next, led by Stigosaurus.

2014 DBN Community Mock Draft Results (so far)

Pick Team Player Position School Username
1 Houston Texans Teddy Bridgewater QB Louisville Weeden2Gordon
2 St. Louis Rams Jadeveon Clowney DE South Carolina Matt Wood
3 Jacksonville Jaguars Khalil Mack OLB Buffalo Bumblyjack
4 Cleveland Browns Johnny Manziel QB Texas A&M Ryan216
5 Oakland Raiders Greg Robinson OT Auburn TuckJob
6 Atlanta Falcons Jake Matthews OT Texas A&M Haden Dawg
7 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh Henry Dawg
8 Minnesota Vikings Derek Carr QB Fresno State PaduaDSP
9 Buffalo Bills Stigosaurus
10 Detroit Lions tmptplayer
11 Tennessee Titans Brownie's Year
12 New York Giants MJRisme
13 St. Louis Rams Matt Wood
14 Chicago Bears The Beast Mode
15 Pittsburgh Steelers Siberian Husky
16 Dallas Cowboys Royce Groff
17 Baltimore Ravens OhioCityBrownsBeliever
18 New York Jets OldSaltyDawg
19 Miami Dolphins Brocolis154033
20 Arizona Cardinals a2342432a
21 Green Bay Packers Manly and Loving It
22 Philadelphia Eagles KyriesHaden
23 Kansas City Chiefs Legoman0721
24 Cincinnati Bengals troy145
25 San Diego Chargers Crawford_T
26 Cleveland Browns StuckInPa
27 New Orleans Saints Adam Rice
28 Carolina Panthers Jon Stinchcomb
29 New England Patriots roar888
30 San Francisco 49ers corey.freuen
31 Denver Broncos Bizono
32 Seattle Seahawks KillerNut
33 Houston Texans Weeden2Gordon
34 Washington Redskins rufio
35 Cleveland Browns Mpasadyn740