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2015 Pro Bowl to be Played in Arizona; Rules to Continue

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Undoubtedly, the highly competitive nature of this past Pro Bowl (compared to previous years) has helped to save the game. The NFL announced today that the Pro Bowl will continue under it's significantly revised format, one that included unconferenced play. One slight change for the next Pro Bowl involves it's location, though:

  • 2015 Pro Bowl: Arizona (same sight as the Super Bowl)
  • 2016 Pro Bowl: Hawaii (Super Bowl is in San Francisco)

I still am in favor of the Pro Bowl being in Hawaii every year, because I see it as a perk that players legitimately strive for. It motivates them to perform better during the regular season.

Also of note is the fact that playoff expansion was not discussed at the NFL-NFLPA meeting this week, according to Ian Rapoport of It's possible that playoff expansion could be brought up again at the spring meetings, but if not, it's something that could be delayed to even further down the road.