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DBN Community All-Round Browns Mock Draft 2014 - Round 2

With the 26th pick in the 2014 NFL Draft, the Dawgs By Nature community selects...


The readers have spoken, and much to the chagrin of our regular commenters, the DBN community has voted for the Browns to select Clemson WR Sammy Watkins, who won the poll for No. 4 overall by a significant margin.

Despite what appeared to be an early lead merely by divide and conquer of the quarterback position, whose votes were split among three different players, Watkins ended up getting more votes than all of the QBs combined. In fact, he nearly beat the entire field combined.

The ensuing dismay in the comment section was even more predictable than the results themselves. While there were several people defending the selection of Watkins, the overwhelming support was thrown behind the hope to land a long-term answer at quarterback. But the silent majority pulled through and did so with ease.

Alas, it is time to move on to the next picks.

Here's a refresher for those that may have missed the first post:

During this final week leading up to the big day, we're going to go through all seven rounds and the community will make selections for each of the 10 Cleveland Browns draft picks this year. How it will work:

  • (1) Vote for the prospect you personally believe will be the best selection at that given spot for the Browns.
  • (2) Debate the options in the comments below.
  • (3) Leave suggestions for realistically viable prospects for the next round.
  • (4) "Rec" and reply to comments with prospects that you agree would make for a great selection at that next spot.
  • (5) Wait for the post on the next round/pick and do the process again.

Keep in mind, you are free to use whatever draft philosophy you think is best for the Browns. But majority rules in this mock draft.

Note: This is an all-round mock draft for the Browns, so even if you didn't like the previous selection, it could still influence who think is best for them at the next spot.

Also, we won't be making the picks for any other team, so each successive selection is even more speculative. When you make suggestions for prospects that you think would be great picks in any given round, if there's consensus that player is rated much higher than where you suggested, be prepared to justify why think he'll fall that far and why the Browns should ignore those same issues.

The Browns' next two picks at No. 26 and 35 will be decided over the next 24 hours through the poll below.

We'll be using DBN's own community big board for the candidates on the ballot. (You can also use that board as inspiration when suggesting players for future picks.)

Vote for your ideal pick, defend your selection in the comments below, and feel free to start leaving suggestions for prospects you'd like to see on the ballot for the third-rounders, picks No. 71 and 83.