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Browns Won't Scrimmage With Other Teams in 2014 Training Camp

Ron Schwane-USA TODAY Sports

The last time the Cleveland Browns scrimmaged with another team in training camp was a decade ago in 2004 when they did it against the Buffalo Bills. Would Mike Pettine be the coach to finally buck the drought? Not this year, but assuming he stays around for more than one season, he certainly has the interest.

Washington would have been an interesting choice, considering the Browns face them in the second preseason game on ESPN for Monday Night Football. Since they already have a commitment to practicing with the New England Patriots, though, there won't be any scrimmages or practices with other teams in 2014. Back in March, it was announced that the Bills and Steelers would be having some joint practices together over the summer. I think you can bank on the Browns finding a team to conduct joint practices with in 2015.

While at the Akron Browns Backers banquet, Pettine also indicated that there have been discussions about moving training camp away from Berea in the future, and the benefits of practicing away from home:

"I think there are benefits to going away," he said. "I was always a part of a team that went away. You put the players in a setting where maybe it requires a little more focus. You take the players away from their comforts of home and get them away from their families. They’re concentrated completely on football."

I think you can dedicate a special portion of training camp outside of the Cleveland area, but not all of it. There were rumblings back in January about the Browns working out some type of arrangement to conduct certain practices in Columbus.