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Browns WR Miles Austin Requesting Permission to Wear Bernie Kosar's No. 19

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: It sounds like Austin got Kosar's blessing to use No. 19:


When the Cleveland Browns signed WR Miles Austin last week, it seemed a little unusual that he was the only new player to not be assigned a jersey number, as evidenced by the team's website:

After reading more into the situation, it makes sense as to why Austin didn't have a number at first: he was requesting permission from legendary Browns QB Bernie Kosar to use his No. 19.

It is unclear yet as to whether or not Kosar will give Austin his blessing to use No. 19, the number he used as a member of the Dallas Cowboys. I tried to go back to see if any Browns have worn No. 19 since 1999, and I came up with at least one result: WR Frisman Jackson. Jackson wore No. 88 for most of his tenure with Cleveland from 2002-2005, but for some reason, he changed to No. 19 in 2004. If that's the case, the honor of having to request the jersey seems to be a bit moot, doesn't it?

What do you think, Browns fans? Would you be fine with Austin wearing No. 19, or should he pick something else? My vote would be to let him use another number this offseason, and if he earns a spot on the 53-man roster, allow him to wear No. 19.