"On the clock with Ray Farmer"

Tony Grossi had a fascinating interview with Ray Farmer called "On the Clock with Ray Farmer" on his "Hey Tony" radio show on WKNR tonight. Here is the transcription:

Tony: Now that my first Browns draft is over I can honestly say the thing that surprised me in our draft room was _____?

Farmer: How fun it was, I thought it would be a lot more serious. We just had fun and took players.

Tony: The biggest misconception about our draft process was ____?

Farmer: Is that we should be beholden to need and not just take guys on the board.

Tony: If we weren't able to trade up and take Johnny Manziel the quarterback we would have most likely wound up with is ____?

Farmer: Is already on the roster.

Tony: The real reason I didn't take a wide receiver in the draft is _____?

Farmer: When it came time to take one that we thought could impact our roster right away he was already taken.

Tony: The one player I absolutely wanted to get and did was ____?

Farmer: Joel Betonio.

Tony: Not Justin Gilbert?

Farmer: I wanted Justin Gilbert as well he was the top corner on the board and we took him. I thought the question was aimed more at what kind of player people didn't know as well so i chose Joel Bitonio.

Tony: Aside from the players that we took the one player in the draft i have no doubt will be a star in the NFL is ____?

Farmer: Zac Martin.

Tony: Notre Dame Offensive Lineman.

Farmer: I didn't hesitate Zac Martin.

Tony: Jerry Jones agrees with you.

Farmer: Jerry Jones made a good pick.

Tony: My biggest regret about my first Browns' draft is _____?

Farmer: I didn't wear brown in the draft room. I probably should have stuck with the uniform code and followed it up. I went with blues instead of brown.

Tony: When the regular season rolls around in September the rookie player that Browns fans will be most surprised by is _____?

Farmer: Joel Bitonio.

Tony: Not anymore we're now expecting a lot of good things.

Farmer: Expectations are good but Joel Bitonio . . there's others but I'd say you're going to be pleasantly surprised with who this young man is. If i had to pick another watch Terrance West and/or Isiah Crowell at running back.

Tony: If Johnny Manziel is our starting quarterback in game one it would mean that ____?

Farmer: Ummm . . . Somebody got hurt.

Tony: I guess i could guess who that would be.

Farmer: Maybe.

Tony: In my short term as general manager the one thing I've learned about the Cleveland media is _____?

Farmer: They can ask the tough questions but in the end they're probably all really good people.

A lot to provoke thought in those 10 Questions. Chris may have been mistaken in eliminating Zac Martin as a player that we were interested in as Farmer seemed pretty high on the new OG for the Dallas Cowboys. I also think it is fairly unusual for a UDFA such as Crowell to be identified as an possible impact player before training camp has started. You have to think if he applies himself his is a lock to make the roster. It also appears that there is no plan to start Johnny from day one. Farmer comes off as very candid and likable in the interview which is refreshing after last year.

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