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Farmer on ESPN 850: "If Manziel is starting week 1, it means...."

On a quick radio segment today, Farmer may have predicted who he expects to see win the QB battle in camp.....or he may be bluffing. You be the judge!

David Maxwell

The segment can be found on ESPN 850's podcast page. Scroll ahead to the 3 minute mark, where Ray Farmer basically says that the expectation is that QB Brian Hoyer will start against the Steelers in Week 1, unless he gets hurt. Farmer had a lot of really interesting nuggets in the short few minutes with Tony Grossi, including the following:

NOTE: DBN member 'Masters of the Gridiron' posted the full transcript of the Grossi / Farmer segment here.

(The real reason we didn't take a wide receiver): "When it came time to take a receiver who we thought could impact our roster right away, he was already taken."

(The one player I absolutely wanted to get and did was...): "Joel Bitonio."

(Aside from the players we took, the only player from the draft who I have no doubt will be a star in the NFL is...): "Zack Martin."

(When the regular season rolls around, the one rookie player who browns fans will be most surprised about is...): "Joel Bitonio...if I had to take another, then watch Terrance West or free agent Isaiah Crowell at running back."

(If Johnny Manziel is our starting quarterback in game one, it would mean that...): "Somebody got hurt."

H/T to @CSAviate for the tip.