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Browns GM Ray Farmer Placing His Stamp on the Front Office

With how much instability the Cleveland Browns have had in the front office, a recurring trend has been that the team's new general manager has to go through their first draft with some of the previous regime's scouts in place. That was once again the case with Browns GM Ray Farmer this year -- after Michael Lombardi was let go, Farmer had to continue working with the scouts that Lombardi hired. It would have been too late into the process to switch scouts at that point.

Following up on that, the typical trend is then for the new general manager to cut ties with some or all of the scouts following the draft, and replace them with new scouts. Earlier this week, Adam Caplan of SiriusXM Sports reported that Cleveland had let go of two college scouts:

Manocherian and Blaylock were two of four scouts hired by Lombardi and Joe Banner in June 2013. Because no other moves were announced, it would seem that the other two college scouts hired at that time, Brendan Donovan and Patrick Moore, will be retained. The same goes for senior pro scout Frank Edgerly.

In addition to those moves, the Browns reportedly made two other front office moves, hiring Morocco Brown as VP of Player Personnel, and Bill Kurarich as Executive Chief of Staff. Brown has been reported as an up-and-coming personnel guy, with it being viewed as a mistake by the Redskins that they did not elevate him to a higher role sooner:

Kuharich was brought on as a consultant to Farmer shortly after he became general manager. Now, he's simply been given a permanent title. Kuharich is a former general manager with plenty of NFL experience (26 years). Here's how the Browns described what his role will be in a statement:

Kuharich will play a pivotal role in the organization’s personnel moves, including the college and pro scouting departments, serving as a key cog in all facets of the Browns’ process of evaluating and acquiring talent. He also will assist Farmer in key decisions, other personnel matters and the team’s overall strategic vision.

Farmer also remained complimentary of Kuharich as a mentor:

"Bill provides us with an important asset as we move our team forward," Farmer said. "We brought him in to help us with the 2014 draft and now we want to expand his role. Bill originally gave me my start in personnel and has played a part in every step of my career. He’s more than a mentor. He’s helped me become better at scouting players, better at being a father, and better at living life."

Some people have chimed in about, "when is enough, 'enough'?" when it comes to the number of executives/directors an NFL team can have, but this doesn't bother me too much. Things appear very harmonious with the current front office, and we can only hope it stays that way for once.