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Johnny Manziel Attends UFC 173 in Vegas, Plus Some Time at the Pool

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The Cleveland Browns have only had QB Johnny Manziel for a little over two weeks, and already we've seen the national media complain about not being able to attend a rookie minicamp, a hoax lawsuit of $25 million filed against him, people question why Ray Farmer is not anointing him the starter, and more.

That's just a taste of what's to come in terms of headlines, and hey, I'm all for it -- part of the reason I started falling for Manziel is because I wanted a guy quarterback who could finally bring a level of swagger to the position -- someone who wouldn't just roll in and then roll out as "just another quarterback on the list."

The latest story with Manziel came on Saturday, when he went to Vegas to attend UFC 173. He's getting treated as a big-time celebrity wherever he goes, as UFC President Dana White hung out with him at the big event:

After the event, White said that he and Manziel have known each other for awhile, as the two had dinner 8 months ago. White also said that Manziel is "one of the nicest people you'll ever meet." Attending the UFC event wasn't all Manziel did in Vegas, though. Before the fight, Manziel attended a pool party along with Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski:

I don't have an issue with this, but some people might be a little irked by it. Take Dustin Fox for example, who hosts a radio show on 92.3 the Fan in Cleveland:

Others, including former Browns QB Derek Anderson, don't see it as a big deal:

Which crowd do you fall in to?