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Hold Old is the Browns' Offensive Line Compared to the Rest of the NFL?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, Jimmy Kempski of generates a list of the average age of every team in the NFL, ranking them from the oldest to the youngest. Last year, the Browns were listed as having the 25th oldest offensive line with an average age of 27 years.

This year, he has the Browns leaping all the way up to having the 9th oldest offensive line in the NFL with an average age of 27.2 years of age. Something did not seem right with that figure, so I dug into how Jimmy calculated the ages for Cleveland: he confesses that he bases his calculations on the depth charts listed at Ourlads currently lists the Browns' starting offensive line as follows:

Player Age
LT Joe Thomas 29
LG Jason Pinkston 26
C Alex Mack 28
RG John Greco 29
RT Mitchell Schwartz 24
136 27.2

I would make the strong argument that Joel Bitonio will replace either Greco or Pinkston, and right now, I'm guessing that he'll replace Pinkston. If we take that into consideration, the Browns' average age falls to 26.4 years of age:

Player Age
Joe Thomas 29
Joel Bitonio 22
Alex Mack 28
John Greco 29
Mitchell Schwartz 24
132 26.4

An average age of 26.4 years would put the Browns are the 20th oldest team on the list. Of course, there is always the possibility that the age gets even younger (if Pinkston or Garrett Gilkey start over Greco) or older (if Paul McQuistan starts over Greco or Bitonio). If the average age of 26.4 years holds, though, it's clear that Cleveland has a great combination of veteran machines and youth for at least the next two years (which is when it will be decision time for Mack).