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Johnny Manziel Responds to the Critics of His Vegas Trip

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

So, how does everybody enjoy TMZ: Dawgs By Nature? We had to open the subdivision after the arrival of QB Johnny Manziel. Over the Memorial Day weekend, a lot of people talked about photos of Manziel that surfaced of him in Vegas. It wouldn't be a story if it weren't for:

a) We're in one of the deadest parts of the offseason, and
b) If he weren't Johnny Manziel

I think most of us agreed that it's the type of swagger Browns fans are more-than-willing to accept. Word spreads fast, though, and this is one of the first "media-driven ridicules" that Manziel has faced since entering the NFL; all of the other stories surrounding him have involved other people being at the center of attention (i.e. the lawsuit was focused on the filer, and Ray Farmer / the front office for the QB comments and keeping the media out of rookie minicamp). How did Manziel respond? He took to his Instagram on his flight back home (the Browns have an OTA session on Tuesday) and posted the following:

Manziel: "Guess it's impossible to enjoy the weekend and study?"

Could you imagine if you were a defensive coordinator who was going to face the Browns this year? I'd make it a top secret, 24-style mission to recover that playbook. Also, since Manziel is still waiting to get officially paid, it made sense for him to fly coach: