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Johnny Manziel Remains the Center of Attention at OTA Session

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Kevin Jones on Twitter

"Hopefully the chaos will die down a little bit, and maybe it won’t," Manziel said.

Don't count on it.

The Vegas trip that QB Johnny Manziel took over Memorial Day weekend was the talk of the media after the Cleveland Browns' OTA session on Wednesday. You can see from the photograph at the top of the page how everybody just swarmed Manziel...and that's just the local media after a non-story. Imagine if something "actually happens" and the national media has more of a presence as well.

After one quick injury update on ILB Karlos Dansby, the first seven questions asked to head coach Mike Pettine after practice were about Manziel. The overall impression is that the Browns' coaching staff responded very well to the questions about the trip by dismissing it as a non-issue and speaking to Manziel's commitment.

(On Browns QB Johnny Manziel’s trip to Las Vegas potentially causing concerns about his commitment): "It doesn’t. We have a saying in the NFL: as long as it doesn’t affect your job. He was a guy that was very proactive. He let us know that he was going, and my advice to him was have fun. He’s a young guy. He’s done everything that we’ve asked. The playbook has not been an issue for him. It’s something that I know a big deal was made of it [publically], but internally, we have an expectation for all of our players outside of the building to act a certain way, and it’s really a non-issue. Just like anybody else, he’s a man, and we’re going to treat our guys like that until they prove that they need to be treated otherwise."

(On the image that Manziel might have portrayed this past weekend): "I’m not going to micromanage our players outside of the building."

Manziel says he didn't do anything wrong and he's not going to change for the sake of the media:

"I don't live my life according to you guys. I'm going to continue to live my life to the fullest and continue to be committed to this game and trying to earn my place in this locker room with these coaches with this organization. If I want to go out and have some fun, and it doesn't hinder what my main goals in life are, then I really don't care what anybody has to say."

From a skill perspective, it was all positive for Manziel on Wednesday. He also received reps ahead of QB Tyler Thigpen, and after practice, veteran leaders Joe Thomas and Donte Whitner also dismissed the Vegas situation as a non-story.