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Manziel, Gilbert, and Tate to Throw Out Ceremonial First Pitches at Indians Games

Brandon Wade

Get ready for a jam-packed Progressive Field this Wednesday! I forget which radio show I was listening to recently, but they joked that if the Cleveland Indians want to pack their stadium, all they need to do is have QB Johnny Manziel throw out the ceremonial first pitch and sign autographs at every game. We'll get a taste of what that's like this Wednesday:

The Indians take on the Red Sox for a three-game series beginning this Monday. RB Ben Tate will throw out the ceremonial first pitch on Tuesday, while the team's rookie first-round picks -- Manziel and CB Justin Gilbert -- will do the honors during the series finale on Wednesday. Wednesday night's game is also Dollar Dog Night, so I wouldn't be surprised if the Indians got one of their biggest crowds of the season.

Let's hope his first pitch goes better than the one he did for the Texas Rangers back in 2013, though: