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Glazer: Browns Won't Draft Johnny Manziel #4

Interesting news just days before the draft.

Stacy Revere

The Browns have played their draft selections fairly close to the vest this draft season. That is, until now.

NFL Insider Jay Glazer went on Fox Sports Radio's JT The Brick, and said the Browns wouldn't be selecting Johnny Manziel.

Glazer then took to Twitter to clarify his statement.

Glazer's slight back-track on Twitter is not important, whether he means they won't draft Manziel at all, or if he truly meant just not at #4. What is important, is that just days before the draft, the Browns draft strategy may be leaking out.

Now, this could all be a major smokescreen, but anyone that follows the NFL regularly knows that Glazer doesn't put his name to something unless it's been checked, and checked again, and checked again.

Personally, this is disappointing because I've wanted the Browns to draft Manziel for a long time. Glazer is as reputable a name in the NFL as you can get, so this is certainly a blow to those wanting to see Johnny Football in the brown and orange.

What do you all think? Smokescreen. Or are the Browns really ruling out Manziel at #4, and possibly all together?