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NFL Draft Rumors: Browns GM Ray Farmer 'Enamored' with Bridgewater

Mary Kay Cabot writes today that Cleveland GM Ray Farmer is targeting Teddy Bridgewater.

Joe Robbins

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Cleveland Browns GM Ray Farmer, is "enamored" with former Louisville QB Teddy Bridgewater.

Cabot's sources say that the infatuation goes back to last fall, and that the Browns ideally would like to land him at 26, but would consider trading up to get him, saying that Bridgewater is "Farmer's guy".

In the weeks leading up to the Draft, most mocks have had Bridgewater sliding. Most of that stems from a rough Pro Day a few weeks ago. It wasn't long ago that draft analysts had Bridgewater the clear #1 QB in the draft, so the Browns potentially landing him at 26 might be a steal.

MKC later tweeted out her thoughts on the Browns ‘perfect world' scenario for their first three picks.

What are your thoughts on the Browns trying to get Bridgewater at 26? And do you like MKC's ‘perfect world' scenario? Or do you feel it's all just smoke?