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DBN Community NFL Reshuffle Draft: How would you build a franchise?

Welcome to DBN's own Build-A-Team Workshop


If you could pick any three players from the entire NFL to build a franchise around going forward, who would those three players be?

Back in March, a DBN regular, (hat tip to user The Beast Mode), asked this very question in a Daily Dawg Chow comment section, our usual open thread for all things football.

It was a really fun question that sparked a lot of discussion and a surprisingly wide variety of answers. It wasn't all Andrew Luck and Joe Thomas, but some names certainly appeared more often than others.

The question also gave me the idea for a game I thought the DBN community could try during this offseason: a league-wide reshuffling draft with all of the available talent from the entire NFL.

Instead of 80% of our dream teams being built around Luck, Thomas, and JJ Watt, each general manager (active community members) will be tasked with selecting whom they feel is the best available player in this fantasy re-draft.

But we're not building fantasy football teams. You'll be trying to build an actual hypothetical NFL team through this re-draft of all of the available talent currently in the league as they stand today and anticipating the future.

Madden's franchise mode has an option that does exactly this. Ours will work much the same way, only without consideration of building the most fun team to play in a video game. The idea is to compare how each of the participants would really build an NFL franchise from scratch.

Do you want to win a championship now or will you look to sustain long-term success? If your competition is building too young, can you take advantage by adding some veteran savvy? Or will you ignore all the other noise and go strictly best player available?

Throughout this whole thing, there will probably be a ton of interesting discussion about who is picking whom, passing on other guys, which positions are most important, who is going to be more impactful for longer, so on and so forth.

But when it's finally all said and done, the community will vote for the best team.


We still have to hammer out some minor details on how we’ll actually execute this draft on here, but I’m certain we can figure out something good.

The most likely scenario is that we'll determine some dates and times for a set of rounds that work for the most amount of participants, then execute the draft right here on DBN in a series of live threads. One major benefit of this SB Nation platform is that we can even leave these live drafts open for a couple days if we need to.

Due to the amount of expected participants, we won't be building entire teams in a single day, which is another difference from the typical fantasy football draft. If turnout is smaller than anticipated, it may take less time, but remember: we'll have the remainder of the offseason to complete this.

We'll also be looking at about 24 rounds at minimum, hopefully. That's a lot, but again, each team will be trying to fill 11 starters on offense, defense, and potentially topped-off with a kicker and punter. In addition, because of how large this may be, the possibility for a team to ruin the draft by hoarding a single position could happen. For that reason, each team will be asked to fill out their starting rosters before drafting backups.

The rules will be clarified in each live draft thread. The deadlines for picks will be predetermined well in advance, but if a manager is unable to make it, the pick will be auto-drafted, or made by a replacement participant.

Sign Up

Reply in the comments here if you’re interested in playing and believe you'll be around regularly enough to participate in each series of rounds. For obvious reasons, priority will be based on regular community members (commenters), combined with first-come/first-served.

At this time, we haven't decided on the exact amount of participants, but we're capping it at least a maximum of 32. It may be much smaller, but depends on the amount of interest we have in playing. If the demand is extraordinary, we could even consider allowing some teams to have two managers (unlikely, but possible). The minimum will be about 8-10.

Keep in mind, if you're interested in the game, but don't make it in or don't feel you'll be available enough to play, you're still completely welcome and encouraged to be apart of the discussion as the draft plays out. That's where the fun is. All of the live threads will be entirely open.

Those who've already expressed interest in the original thread from March will have early spots reserved, but are still asked to confirm their spot in the comments below. Players will be added to this list as they come in:

  1. Stigosaurus
  2. Crawford_T
  3. James Hat
  4. The Beast Mode (unconfirmed)
  5. Pillowhands (unconfirmed)
  6. StuckInPa (unconfirmed)
  7. Manly and Loving It
  8. Royce Groff [Grimflick]
  9. Matt Wood
  10. PaduaDSP
  11. Jon Stinchcomb
  12. aszabo1
  13. The Licensed Optimist
  14. Legoman0721
  15. tmptplayer
  16. Brownie's Year
  17. pt_999
  18. HenryDawg
  19. a2342432a
  20. rufio
  21. Bronx Cheer
  22. Tdawg1946
  23. corey.freuen
  24. Brocolis154033
  25. Haden Dawg
  26. farmfest
  27. OhioCityBrownsBeliever
  28. dsabin
  29. NorthHillRowdy
  30. Barnestorm
  31. troy145
  32. TuckJob
  33. Mudville (waitlist)
  34. DownTownBrown (waitlist)
  35. theghostofseasonsfuture (waitlist)
  36. Melted Pear (waitlist)
  37. bignick77 (waitlist)

Note, this list is not reflective of the draft order, which will be shuffled at a later date.

Lastly, if you have any other ideas about how to improve or build upon this DBN community fantasy re-draft game, feel free to share below.