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Browns Rookies to Stay Busy for the Next Two Weeks

David Maxwell

Even though minicamp has concluded for the Cleveland Browns, all of the rookies aren't completely on vacation just yet. When asked about whether the rookies would still be in northeast Ohio for a little bit of time, head coach Mike Pettine confirmed that they would be. Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland had some more details on the specifics:

Rookies will be detained for two weeks – one week of class, community work and the team’s youth camp, and then the NFL Rookie Symposium the following week at The Bertram Inn in Aurora and more youth clinics at the Browns’ facility.

While we won't hear much about what the rookies are doing, we might not be seeing QB Johnny Manziel living the life in another state for another couple of weeks. Once everybody is on their own up until training camp, Pettine said you can only hold your breath that nobody gets into trouble. At this point in time, the only player-related news that Pettine is expecting to hear surrounds WR Josh Gordon:

"I think it’s nervous anytime your entire team is dismissed. As a coach, you hear your phone ring and you kind of look at it with one eye, hoping it’s not an issue coming up. We talked to them about it, that we wanted to make sure they handle themselves well. The advice, like I said before, was learn the system, stay in shape and stay out of trouble."

"[Regarding a date on Gordon], we haven’t been given a date. I think, in fairness to us, the league would let us know. There’s no information as far as what the plans are to release it, but I think we’re all comfortable thinking that we should know before training camp starts."

The aforementioned Rookie Symposium takes place from June 22-28, but it is split up by conference.