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Browns Were the Most Tweeted NFL Team Over the Past Month

An article published by the Dallas Morning News provided data on Twitter activity all 32 NFL teams over the past month. By Twitter activity, we're referring to any time a sports site, sports writer, or fan uses a hashtag in their tweet about the team. For example, a tweet with #Browns in it would count toward the total. Thanks to Johnny Manziel fever, the Browns were the No. 1 most tweeted team in the NFL.

If total number of tweets for one month are the measure of America's Team, then the Cowboys are no longer that team. That team is the Cleveland Browns. Boosted by one of the most-tweeted about athletes around -- you know him as Johnny Manziel -- the Browns had a total of 49,645.

Here are the top 5 teams in Twitter volume, along with our division rivals, and the least tweeted team in the NFL.

1. Cleveland Browns: 49,645
2. Dallas Cowboys: 45,496
3. Washington Redskins: 31,045
4. Buffalo Bills: 29,014
5. Seattle Seahawks: 27,832

The Steelers had 14,786 tweets, the Bengals 7,451 tweets, and the Ravens 14,333 tweets. The Titans had the fewest tweets in the NFL at 5,228.