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Vince Young's Final NFL Stop Appears to Have Been the Browns

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Brent Carney of KXAN out of Austin, Texas, QB Vince Young basically announced his retirement from the NFL as he now looks to get into an ambassador type of position with his alma mater, the University of Texas.

"It’s definitely official I think in my book," Young said in regards to his retirement. "Unless we get a great opportunity, something guaranteed…other than that I’ve started moving forward in some things. ... I love the NFL, will love the game always but I’m kind of moving forward and moving on right now."

Considering the fact that Young hasn't been on a regular season roster since 2011, it's safe to assume that nobody is going to offer him something guaranteed. If he sticks to his word and doesn't pursue another chance in the NFL, though, he will have retired with his final team having been the Cleveland Browns. The Browns only had him on their roster for 1-2 weeks in May before cutting him and retaining veteran QB Tyler Thigpen instead.