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Cleveland Browns Remember Chuck Noll

Before there was Bill Cowher (above), there was Chuck Noll.
Before there was Bill Cowher (above), there was Chuck Noll.
Matthew Emmons-US PRESSWIRE

The NFL lost one of its legends on Friday with the passing of Chuck Noll at the age of 82. Before coaching the Pittsburgh Steelers for an incredible 22 years, though, Noll played linebacker and guard for the Cleveland Browns, his hometown team.

Noll was born in Cleveland, OH and attended Benedictine High School. He was drafted by the Browns in 1953, and he played for them through the 1959 season. The Browns were the only team Noll played for, and he was a member of two Championship teams. The Browns released the following statement, acknowledging the passing of Noll:

"Chuck Noll began his NFL career as Paul Brown's messenger guard. He ended with an unprecedented coaching legacy. Our club is humbled to be part of his amazing story."

Noll had Alzheimer’s disease as well as heart and back problems in his later years. For a nice story on Noll's time at Benedictine, check out Terry Pluto's article on him here.