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Joe Haden to Host Celebrity Softball Game in Mid-July

Last week, the Lake County Captains announced that Cleveland Browns cornerback Joe Haden will be hosting the First Annual Joe Haden & Friends Celebrity Softball Game. The game will take place on July 17, 2014 at Classic Park in Eastlake, OH, which is the home of the Captains. Advance tickets are available, starting at $15. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Captain Charities, which benefits local youth sports and educational programs.

According to the Captains' website, the players invited to take part in the game consists of offensive and defensive teammates on the Browns, and friends of Haden's from across the NFL. The full attendee list should be known in a couple of weeks. Players at the event will interact with the fans, which includes photos opportunities, autographs, and other entertainment such as in-game promotions and giveaways.

The Plain Dealer says that one of the invitees is Browns QB Johnny Manziel. Since this isn't a league requirement, though, there's no telling whether Manziel and his marketing representatives would approve of attending an event that doesn't require a big pay day, presumably.

Is there anybody at DBN who plans on attending the game? If so, we'd love if you could take some photos and share your experience with us.