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SB Nation Interviews Browns Rookie RB Terrance West

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of weeks ago at the NFL Rookie Premiere, SB Nation interviewed many of the players in attendance, including Cleveland Browns rookie RB Terrance West. Watch the video below as Shaw talks with SB Nation's Dan Rubenstein; I have transcribed most of the Browns-related parts beneath the video.

Dan: "What was your reaction when you found out you were going to Cleveland?"

West: "It was exciting, just to get the opportunity to go to any team. Any team that would have called me, I would have felt the same way -- excited. "

Dan: "When you actually did get that call, what was that initial conversation like?"

West: "It was kind of weird because when I got the phone call, the 49ers were on the clock, but when my phone rang, it said Ohio. I thought that somebody was playing around on my phone, making a joke. When the coach called, he said, 'are you healthy, are you ready?' I said, 'yeah.' They said, 'This is the Cleveland Browns, we just traded the 94th pick with the 49ers to get you.'"

Dan: "What were the conversations like after the draft, just in terms of getting a sense of the coaching staff and how they wanted to use you?"

West: "I'm playing a big part in the system right now. They've got big goals for me this year."

Dan: "Obviously, they were sort of the story with the first round, with Johnny Manziel and Justin Gilbert. What have your conversations been like with other rookies that Cleveland is bringing in?"

West: "We're all on the same page. We all want to come in and help change the organization around into a winning program. That's our mentality."

Dan: "What have the conversations been like with regards to how you are going to be used? What is your role, as the team sees it, early on with the offense?"

West: "I'm going to play a big role running the ball this season. They've got big expectations for me, they want me to play this year."

Dan: "What is the playbook like? How much is new, how much is familiar with what you did in college?"

West: "Everything is new. I mean, we do the same things, but the terminology is different."

Dan: "What do you know about the city of Cleveland, your new home?"

West: "I know nothing. Just LeBron...that's it."

West also answered some personal questions, as well as what he thought his rating in Madden should be. Check out the full video for those responses. The video was shot about two weeks ago, so hopefully somebody has let West know about the city of Cleveland other than LeBron!