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Browns QB Johnny Manziel Officially Signs His Contract; Comparing it to Brandon Weeden's Contract

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Cleveland Browns agreed to terms with QB Johnny Manziel. On Wednesday, he officially signed on the dotted line:

On his Instagram account, Manziel said, "It's an incredible feeling to officially sign my NFL contract. Such a dream come true and so many people to thank who have helped me reach this point in my life."

Rookies are pretty much forced to accept the dollar amounts associated with the rookie wage scale these days, so we can compare how similar Manziel's contract is to Brandon Weeden's, since the Browns took Weeden at the same spot (No. 22 overall) in 2012.

  • Weeden: 4 years, $8.083 million, including $4.318 million signing bonus
  • Manziel: 4 years, $8.248 million, including $4.318 million signing bonus

Ian Rapoport says that 94% of Manziel's rookie deal is guaranteed, including 65% in the final year of his deal. It was really no different for Weeden, who had 93% of his rookie deal guaranteed, including 61.6% in the final year of his deal. Of course, by cutting Weeden, those numbers will be somewhat modified on the Browns' end if he ends up sticking with the Dallas Cowboys due to offset language.

Being a first-round pick, Manziel's contract includes a fifth-year option for Cleveland.