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FIFA World Cup 2014: Open Thread III

Clive Rose

The United States will be in really good shape for advancing to the Round of 16 if they can at least tie with Portugal this Sunday. Jozy Altitore will be out for the United States, but Portugal might be without Ronaldo (though to be honest, Ronaldo pretty much has no effect on the World Cup, based on what I've seen). We'll have a new open thread for that game on Sunday.

In the mean time, you can use this open thread to discuss all of the games leading up to that point, and all of the action that has taken place so far. Heading into the group stages, besides the Untied States, I just go by the previous World Cup when predicting how teams will fare. That's why Spain being such a dud is a big surprise; they are already eliminated from the next stage!

Another quick take: there are "stars" who fail to have an impact at the World Cup (Wayne Rooney & Ronaldo)...and then there is Luis Suarez. In my book, Suarez is the best player in the world -- his hustle, knack for scoring goals, and then his celebratory antics just complete the whole package. For the second straight World Cup, besides the United States, Uruguay remains my second rooting interest, all because of Suarez.