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'This is Browns Territory' Billboard Goes Up in Tyler, Texas

@mcdaniel_sm on Twitter

He still hasn't played a single down in the NFL, but the allegiance to the Cleveland Browns is spreading across the country thanks to QB Johnny Manziel -- well, at least it's spreading to Tyler, Texas. As you can see in the photo at the top of this article, a billboard was paid for in Tyler, Texas that reads: "Tyler, TX is Now Cleveland Browns Territory - Paid for by former Cowboys fans."

Tyler, Texas is Manziel's hometown. According to Good Bull Hunting, our Texas A&M affiliate, "Some Aggie fans pooled their money to put up this billboard, which is in Tyler on the Southwest Loop 323 not far from the HWY 155 intersection." What is a little funny about this is that former Browns QB Brandon Weeden was trying to get out of Cleveland, and the thought of him driving by this on the highway every day has to make you chuckle a little bit.

So, who put the billboard up? On her local blog, Cleveland Chick spoke with Jaime McDaniel, one of 8 people that won the billboard. In the interview, McDaniel days that he knows Manziel personally, and that Cowboys fans were devastated when their team passed him up in the draft. How far does the support for Manziel go in the state of Texas?

...Academy Sports, a sporting goods store that is comparable to Dick's Sporting Goods, now carries Browns merchandise, specifically #2 jerseys, and not just in Tyler. Word has it, stores over 3 hours away in Houston, even have Manziel merchandise. Mr. McDaniel's son already has his Browns hat and is ready to cheer for the Browns on Sundays.

Now, the question has to be, "how will all of those Cowboy-turned-Browns fans feel when they see Brian Hoyer under center to begin the season?" Regardless, it's always nice to see the Browns acquire some more fans to their already-dedicated fanbase.