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DBN Members-Only Poll: Johnny Manziel vs. Brian Hoyer

Browns QB's coach Dowell Loggains.
Browns QB's coach Dowell Loggains.
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In Part 1 of our training camp preview on quarterbacks, we conducted a poll asking who fans WANT to start in Week 1 between QB Brian Hoyer and QB Johnny Manziel. After 500+ votes, the results are in Hoyer's favor by an overwhelming margin. Personally, I'm not too surprised by the results, but the margin in favor of Hoyer is also larger than I anticipated.

One of our members, corey.freun, stated, "The results surprise me." PaduaDSP followed that up with, "It's the power of the non-commenting members." That is an interesting take, and one that I wanted to explore further. We have built up a very good community here at Dawgs By Nature, one that prides itself on having informed football discussions. At times, the opinions of the DBN community differ from the overall Browns fan base. Let's see if that is the case when it comes to the Hoyer vs. Manziel debate.


  • The question is, "Who do you WANT to be the Browns' starting quarterback heading into Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers?"
  • In the comments section below, respond with either "Brian Hoyer" or "Johnny Manziel."
  • Do not add anything else to your comment; if you do, your answer will not be counted. None of the comments should say anything other then one of the two players' names.
  • To be eligible for this poll, you must have been a DBN member for at least one week already.
  • The poll will end some time on Monday, so get your ballot in ASAP. The results of both polls will be explored later in the day on Monday in a separate post.