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Fan Perception: What We Learned About the Browns' Quarterbacks Heading Into Training Camp

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

In each of our training camp previews, we conduct a poll at the end of the post. The polls are intended to gauge fan perception about certain players or roles on the Cleveland Browns heading into training camp. They help set the initial expectations that fans have on certain players. Here is a summary of each of those polls for the quarterback position:


Who do you WANT to be the Browns' starting quarterback heading into Week 1 against the Pittsburgh Steelers?


In Part 1 of our training camp preview, we looked at Brian Hoyer and Johnny Manziel. Our poll, which is open to anybody, showed an overwhelming amount of support in favor of Hoyer -- 81% of fans want him to be the starter in Week 1.

Due to a request, I was intrigued to see if the votes would come out different if the "DBN regulars" were voting -- in other words, people who use DBN regularly and aren't just random people passing by and stumbling upon a poll. Some fans wanted to see results of an even finer granularity -- people who comment regularly at DBN. The results below are definitely part of an imperfect voting method, but I think they paint the picture people were seeking:

All Votes from the DBN-Members-Only Thread:

Brian Hoyer: 66.67%
Johnny Manziel: 33.33%

Votes from the Thread of People With a Fair Amount of Comments (My Discretion):

Brian Hoyer: 55.95%
Johnny Manziel: 44.05%

PaduaDSP's hypothesis appears to be somewhat correct: among the regular commenters at DBN, this is a much more even-sided race. Take it for what it's worth, I'm just the messenger.


Which quarterback would you like to see win the No. 3 job on the Browns in training camp?


When the results are this lopsided, I sometimes feel like I failed at coming up with a good poll question. Nonetheless, it serves as a good understanding that fans are firmly throwing their support behind Connor Shaw heading into training camp to be the team's No. 3 quarterback. [Read Part 2 of the QB Preview]