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NFL Official Mike Carey Retires, Joining CBS Sports

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There aren't many NFL officials who would warrant their own post upon retirement, but Mike Carey is one of those exceptions. Carey, pictured above, was probably my favorite official in the NFL, thanks to his clear explanations of calls during games and his generally high scoring marks as an official. The 2013 season was Carey's final one as an official, but CBS Sports has decided to join the party of having a former NFL official working for their network:

If you are familiar with what Mike Peraria does for FOX, then envision Carey doing the same thing for CBS. Carey might be a more recognizable face for fans, so it'll be interesting to hear his takes on relevant calls this coming season. Also, since Peraria worked for FOX, he focused more so on the NFC games, meaning Browns fans typically didn't hear from here. That could change with Carey working the mostly-AFC games on CBS.