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Day 1 of Browns Training Camp Already Sold Out; Reviewing the Registration Process

The Cleveland Browns' registration system for training camp launched at 10:00 AM this morning. Before the event started, I planned on registering four dates, which is the maximum for an individual unless you contact the Browns. These were the dates I wanted:

  • Sunday, July 27th
  • Friday, August 1st
  • Wednesday, August 6th
  • Friday, August 15th

Training camp begins on Saturday, July 26th. I never like to go to the first day of camp because I feel like the drills just have people "going through the motions" and getting used to camp. Day 2 typically sees a bit of an improvement. Both days were the only Berea weekend dates this camp, so I knew they would go quickly.

The registration system went live at around 10:05 AM, requiring you to register with an account and then selecting your dates. You have to do each date one-by-one, so I began with July 27th and was able to confirm my registration fairly quickly. I then proceeded to do the August 1st date. I noticed the system started to lag a bit, but I was still able to reserve my spot.

By about 10:10 AM, the system was basically inoperable. Trying to register for August 6th kept leading to a timeout error -- it wasn't a big deal for me, because I had already registered for the date I knew would be the most in demand. Around 11:00 AM, the system finally started letting me process the other two dates I desired. I chose to have a guest for the first two dates, which displays when you print out the ticket that you will be required to bring to camp. [Note: Register here:]


Just how quickly would Johnny Manziel fever create a sellout? Well, it wasn't lightning quick, but Day 1 of camp is already "sold out," and I imagine Day 2 will be sold out by the end of the day. UPDATE: Day 2 of camp is now sold out.


The Browns have not yet opened registration for Family Day in Akron on August 2nd.

Did anybody reserve their tickets yet for training camp? If so, what dates did you pick?