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Browns CB Justin Gilbert is One of the Few Remaining Unsigned Rookies

Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns cornerback Justin Gilbert is the only rookie on the team who remains unsigned, and he is actually just one of four rookies in the entire NFL who remains unsigned. Perhaps, as one fan on Twitter put it, "is it possible that in all the Manziel excitement the Browns have just forgotten?" No, but that would be pretty funny.

At the NFL Rookie Symposium in Berea on Friday, asked Gilbert whether he expected his contract to be finished prior to training camp, to which Gilbert replied, "I have no idea. They're still working on it."

Since there is really nothing to negotiate in terms of dollars these days, the only sticking point for a first-rounder is whether they get offset language included in their contract. For example, Brandon Weeden had offset language in his contract, so if he makes the Cowboys' roster this year, the Browns will not have to pay him everything they would have originally guaranteed him. In essence, it prevents a player from double dipping on their rookie contract.

Mike Evans, the No. 7 overall pick, was able to avoid some of the offset language. Pro Football Talk speculates that since Gilbert was the No. 8 overall pick, his agents are trying to convince the Browns to do the same thing, and presumably, the Browns are being patient and trying to just get Gilbert's team to accept the standard offset language.