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Sammy Watkins Talks About Meeting Ray Farmer Before the Draft; Donte Whitner Responds

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the 2014 NFL Draft, we released the final edition our "tracking the Browns' draft interests" feature. WR Sammy Watkins was included on it for the "other" category, but at the NFL Rookie Premiere event in Berea on Friday, he confirmed that Browns GM Ray Farmer met with him in Clemson, South Carolina just a few days before the draft, per Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal:

"We just sat down at the hotel, we talked, him and this security guy. He met me in Clemson, the last day I was in Clemson [getting ready] to go to New York. We just chatted up about life, about who am I, what type of guy I am. And after that, we didn’t really have any contact."

Also in the article, Watkins gave the standard player-speak about having a chip on your shoulder against teams who did not draft him, and the fact that he's confident in his abilities no matter who he is facing:

"I come out and dominate my opponent every game. I’m sure they’ve got great cornerbacks and great safeties, but my job is to do my job on the field no matter who’s in front of me, whether it’s [Browns cornerback] Joe Haden or [New England Patriots cornerback Darrelle] Revis or [Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard] Sherman, all the greats. My job is to win on the field and do my best."

"It’ll be a great matchup," Watkins said, regarding his game against the Browns on November 30th. "We can go out there, battle, scrap, have a couple fights. It’s going to be great."

New Browns safety Donte Whitner must have seen what Watkins had to say, though, and took to Twitter about it:

And we're not even close to the regular season yet! We'll see if tempers flare as that Buffalo game draws near at the end of November, though.