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Schefter: Browns Trying to Sign QB Brian Hoyer to Contract Extension

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like the Cleveland Browns might be trying to sign QB Brian Hoyer to a contract extension after all. In early June, Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland had an interview with Hoyer's agent, in which his agent said that he felt "a new deal would be difficult to do right now." Hoyer's camp might still feel the same way, but according to ESPN's Adam Schefter, that's not stopping the Browns from trying to work out an extension before the season starts:

Ultimately, I have a hard time believing the two sides will come to an agreement on an extension, unless it is heavily incentive-based and includes team options. It's worth it for the Browns to try to secure Hoyer on an extension in the event he plays at an awesome level.

An extension also gives the Browns a potentially lucrative bargaining chip when they are ready to hand the starting role over to Johnny Manziel -- a contending team might roll the dice and give up a high draft pick for Hoyer if he's on a relatively cheap contract. Hoyer's camp has to know that too, though, so will the two sides be able to reach a middle ground?

UPDATE: The ABJ has another update from Hoyer's agent, who has the same attitude he did in early June: it's a tough deal to do right now, and they'll probably wait to see how the season goes. Also, Joel Corry of CBS Sports (a former agent) echoed the reasons why it would be difficult: