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Transcript of Browns Team President Alec Scheiner: Renovations, Training Camp, and Cheerleaders?

Earlier today, Cleveland Browns team president Alec Scheiner was busy, first attending an outreach program with the rookies, and then being interviewed on Browns Daily. Scheiner talked about the stadium renovations, possibilities about training camp this year and next year, and whether the recent rumor about cheerleaders was true. I have transcribed the majority of the interviews below:

After the Community Outreach Event:

Tony Grossi: "Alec, do you have any information about your training camp plans?"

Scheiner: "We talked about this last week. We'll look into everything for next year. We haven't made any decisions -- it's a process, and we'll look at everything."

Tony Grossi: "How about this year, you're regulating attendance."

Scheiner: "We've done this before; we did this with our draft day party. It's not about regulating attendance, it's about making sure people can get into training camp who come from different cities and different states. We don't have the exact mechanics of it yet, but we do know there will be a sign-up online."

Question: "Have there been discussions about moving training camp off site for a day or two this year?"

Scheiner: "We have not yet discussed it, but we haven't finalized our plans for this year yet. We'll look at everything. There's a possibility."

Tony Grossi: "Will you have a family night at the stadium? Will you be able to?"

Scheiner: "We'll look at that, Tony, whether we can have it at the stadium while the renovations are ongoing, or whether we can have it off-site place to do it."

Nate Ulrich: "In the past, Jimmy Haslam said he didn't think cheerleaders made sense for Cleveland. Then, there was something that came our recently in Scene magazine that said the Browns were thinking about adding cheerleaders. Cheerleaders, yes or no?"

Scheiner: "No, we have not looked at it. That report that came out, I don't know where that came from. We've constantly said that we'll talk to our fans, and if our fans believe strongly in something, we'll look at it. We're constantly surveying our fans, and this is just one of those areas where we'll keep talking to our fans."

On Cleveland Browns Daily:

Zegura: "What's the latest with the stadium -- renovations, how are things going there?"

Scheiner: "They are going really well. We're on budget, we're on time. I'm thinking in about ten days, we're going to reveal exactly where we are in the process. We'll work with the media to kind of explain to the fans where we are, but we're in great shape. I'm just as excited as I've ever been about what this stadium will look like next year, and then after Phase 2 the following year."

Carucci: "Something kind of cool that we've noticed here in Berea is some kind of TV production work for the sake of these beautiful new scoreboards that are going to be put in. Talk a little bit about that."

Scheiner: "Vic, you raise a good point -- we're going to have these incredible TV's, these massive TV's in both end zones. They are only as good as the content you put on them, and we learned that in Dallas. When you have a TV that big and that high-def, you need to upgrade your content and talent as well. We're working on doing that, and I think we're engaging our players in a totally different way in that production."

Zegura: "You may have the best view of OTA's from your office [in Berea]. Is there anything catching your eye football-wise out there?"

Scheiner: "I just thought I was really popular, because during practice, everyone wants to have meetings in my office (laughing). It's encouraging to see these guys out there. I know they are working hard. Coach Pettine just has a way about him. You know that this is going to be a hard-working, tough team. You could sense it from the first day of practice, and the tempo is something else -- I haven't been around a team that has practiced this fast."

Carucci: "What's the vibe you get from the business community?"

Scheiner: "I think when Jimmy [Haslam] took over the club, he made it a priority to engage our fans. If you look at, for example, what you guys [the radio hosts] do every day for us, or you look at our website or mobile app. I think it's clear we want to connect with our fans, we care, and I think over time, that has an impact. When you combine that with the draft we had, the free agency we had, and then Ray Farmer and Mike Pettine's personalities, it starts to click. You guys have been around Farmer a lot, there just isn't a better guy in the NFL. He's so engaging, and I think fans start to trust the organization when they see people like that. We always talked about it internally -- we have to build that trust here, but we'll build it by listening to our fans and engaging them."

Zegura: "What's the thing you're most excited about going into this training camp and then going into the season?"

Scheiner: "It's been 16 tough years here, and I always tell people that we can't lose sight of that. It's not something we should hide from, and I'm most excited about turning it around. For me, there's not a video board, one draft pick, or anything like that that gets me more excited than turning this around and having this community galvanize around us winning and winning big for a long time."