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Brian Hoyer's Agent: A New Deal is Hard to do Right Now

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, Friday just so happened to be the day that two informative articles about the future of QB Brian Hoyer came out.

I found Linta's comments about Hoyer's contract pretty level-headed. To summarize, Linta said that it would be difficult or both he or general manager Ray Farmer to come up with a good deal. All they have to work with is a good two-three game stretch for Hoyer, but now he's coming off of an ACL injury. His agent also acknowledged the Johnny Manziel situation very respectfully:

"If Brian starts the first game, is the leash going to be shorter than with somebody else? Yeah, it probably will be. He understands that," said Hoyer’s agent, Joe Linta. "The truth of the matter is Brian isn’t worried about it. It will sort itself out. If Manziel is better, he’ll relinquish the position. Brian is very respectful of the coaches. He knows they want to win and whoever gives them the best chance to win will play."

Linta also discussed when he could envision a new deal being done -- after the season is over. It also sounds like they would like to have a gauge on whether other teams are interested in Hoyer as a starter -- if they want him as a backup, though, he'd much prefer to just stay in Cleveland.

"Brian’s value will be much more easily determined in January," Linta said. "Brian definitely wants to stay in Cleveland. I think if it’s backup to backup, I think he would (want to stay). If you’re comparing apples to apples, it’s always Cleveland. If it’s backup in Cleveland vs. starter somewhere else, I’m sure he’d like to start."

Even if Farmer comes to the conclusion soon that he'd like to lock up Hoyer on a bargain contract, it sounds like Linta would prefer to waste. Yes, they might be throwing away some money, but they'd rather let it play out to see just how far they can get the asking price up to. Remember, we've seen certain teams overpay for free agent quarterbacks in the past.