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Johnny Manziel and the Inflatable Swan

Ekydoog_Cire on Twitter

This certainly isn't Johnny Manziel's swan song -- he's just getting started. The Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback will be under a microscope for the rest of his career, so we might as well get in the habit of embracing it. When we write posts on these types of things, we are more so doing it to keep Browns fans informed about future "pop culture references."

If Manziel wants to live life during the fullest during his time off, that's his business. When you look at the timeline, the Browns had their final set of OTA sessions from June 5-6. Over the past 11 years, the Summer X-Games have taken place in Los Angeles. This year, from June 5-8, it made its debut in Austin, Texas, which is where Manziel must have immediately flown out to following the team's final OTA session on Friday. He partied and drank champagne on an inflatable swan while at Club Rio.

Manziel can enjoy himself for the next 2-3 days, but everyone will be back to Cleveland from June 10-12 for mandatory minicamp. That will be the final offseason program until training camp commences in late-July.