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Cleveland Browns Caption Contest (6/7): Hoyer & Pettine; used for comedic purposes only.

I am happy to announce the return of caption contests to Dawgs By Nature! In previous years, this has been a regular feature from mid-May until the end of June, which is otherwise known as a "dead spot" in terms of news with substance in the NFL. It is the perfect time to have some more light-hearted discussions or stray off-topic a bit more than usual.

Ground Rules for Caption Contest:

  • In the comments section, come up with a caption that you believe other readers will enjoy.
  • Readers: if you like a caption, "rec" it.
  • Whichever user gets the most "rec's" by the time the next caption contest is posted will be deemed the winner of that contest.
  • New contests will occur at least two days a week, typically on the weekends.

Today, we begin with Cleveland Browns quarterback Brian Hoyer pointing something out to head coach Mike Pettine. Also seen in the picture is quarterbacks coach Dowell Loggains and backup quarterback Tyler Thigpen.