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Nate Burleson Anxious for Preseason Game Against Lions

Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with Kyle Meinke of, Cleveland Browns WR Nate Burleson talked about how anxious he is to face his former team, the Detroit Lions, in the first preseason game of the year on August 9th (for those watching their calendars, that is just two months away). Burleson had fun with his former teammates at a charity softball game, and talked about what he has in store for Detroit come August:

"Man, I'm wracking my brain figuring out what celebration I'm going to do -- because I'm going to get a fine," Burleson said, laughing. "I'm going to get a fine, period. I'm going to go to my coach and say, 'Hey, I'm going to get a fine. I'm going to do something crazy.'

"It's going to be a little bit of an appreciation celebration to the fans and the city of Detroit. But it's also going to be a poke in the back, saying, 'You should have kept me because I'm still balling.'"

That means Burleson will be begging for a touchdown, and if he plans on drawing a fine, that means it will also draw a 15-yard penalty from the officials. Then the coaching staff is trying to evaluate the kicking game and the defense in the preseason, having a veteran player cost the team some yardage for his own benefit. Personally, I still wish the NFL would allow the players to have some more fun in the end zone, but do you think head coach Mike Pettine will have a word with Burleson once the Lions vs. Browns match-up draws near?

In another interview posted today, Burleson compared QB Johnny Manziel to QB Matthew Stafford in the sense that they are both "quietly cocky."