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Which Former Browns Would You Welcome Back to Cleveland?


In the spirit of milking the fact that LeBron James returned home to Cleveland, we'd like to pose the question of, "which former players (who are still in the NFL or pursuing a roster spot in the NFL) would you welcome back to the Browns?"

The two names who jump out immediately are K Phil Dawson and WR Joshua Cribbs, both of whom made special teams one of the few bright spots on the Browns for years. Even though Dawson is playing for the 49ers, shortly after James' announcement, Dawson tweeted, "Hey Cleveland -- Congrats!" Dawson signed a two-year deal this offseason to remain with the 49ers through 2015, while the Browns are sticking with Billy Cundiff again.

Similarly, after James' announcement, Cribbs tweeted, "So excited for the city of Cleveland!!! @KingJames back on the throne!!! Let's go to work fam! @cavsdan" Cribbs is currently a free agent, having been plagued by injuries since the Browns chose not to re-sign him in 2013. A healthy Cribbs would look good on kickoff returns, but I just don't see the Browns rolling the dice with him again.

One player who left on a bad note was QB Derek Anderson, now a backup quarterback for the Carolina Panthers. There were actually rumors during the 2013 offseason that because of Rob Chudzinski, Anderson would come back to Cleveland. Nothing ever amounted from the rumors. Anderson ended up being terrible, but he actually had one good season. The same can't be said for QB Brandon Weeden, who is now a backup for the Dallas Cowboys.

Other former Browns who fans could consider include RB Peyton Hillis, RB Trent Richardson, WR Braylon Edwards, TE Kellen Winslow, ILB D'Qwell Jackson, and SS T.J. Ward. If Hillis, Edwards, or Winslow ever returned, that would certainly make for a buzz-worthy story.

What do you think, Browns fans? Besides Dawson (because he's such an obvious choice), are there any former Browns who you look at around the league and think, "man, I wish he was still playing for Cleveland"?