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DBN Community NFL Reshuffle Draft: Round 2

Thank you to all of the participants for a very successful first round.


Speed Rounds

We have now reached our first official Speed Round. On these pre-determined dates and times (and only during those times), a team by susceptible to more strict time limits. And these Speed Rounds will only occur, at max, once a week.

If there's enough people able to attend a particular window of time during a specified day, during only that window, the time limit will be shortened to a max of 25 minutes. This way we can get through a lot more picks at a much faster pace.

Today's starts at 12:00pm and will run only through the second round at most.

Speed Round participants will be allowed to make their selections over non-participants for just that particular round. The speed round attendees will still pick in the established draft order (via snake format), but this will allow the speed round to continue but without being gridlocked.

After the speed round is concluded (a maximum of a single round advancement), the remaining non-speed round-participating managers will be free to continue to finish off the given round in the established draft order and in the standard time table (6-hour clock).

Standard Rules

Here's how it will work: As many of our managers already know, the draft will continue in two phases. The first and primary phase is a slower-paced, more casual process, in which each manager can make his selection as soon as he realize it's his turn to pick. This has been happening in previous threads already, completing our first nine selections.

The official preferred way to make your selection: First, find the designated thread on DBN. When you see it's your turn to pick, leave your selection in a comment on thread, for exampleRound 1 Pick 19 – WR Calvin Johnson. This isn't mandatory, but strongly advised to help other managers follow the draft in that specific thread. This process will continue fluidly throughout the week until the next designated thread.

With 32 people, not everyone will be available at the exact same times. This process allows for managers to check back throughout the day and make their pick when they're up.

Being considerate of your fellow managers will be key, however. So there will be some rules regarding how long the group will wait on a single pick before that manager is bumped in the draft order (moved down). During the casual phase between the hours of 10am and midnight, picks will be subject to this time limit. The current time limit for a given pick will be ~6 hours.

The draft is still officially open to taking picks 24/7. Those hours only dictate when picks are subject to the time limit.

* The All-22 Rule *

Managers will be asked to try to fill out their starting rosters, the traditional 22 positions on offense and defense, prior to selecting backups.

On the defensive side of the ball, we'll be sticking with either 4-3 or 3-4. For offense, the only strict guidelines will be on the offensive line (LT, LG, C, RG, RT), QB, and RB. Flexibility comes in with WR, TE, and FB.

Following the action:

The vast majority of the time, this google doc will be an up-to-date reflection of the draft thus far. If it's a few picks behind during non-clocked hours, you still follow the draft in the designated threads.

The Pre-Draft Player Rankings

These rankings will merely serve as an optional guide for our managers moving forward. They are based on the player's average rating, not what his average draft position would be in our game.

The chart is interactive! You can filter the rankings by both position and age. And even exclude players already picked, if you wish.

Good luck, have fun, talk football!

Keep in mind again, if you're interested in the game, but didn't make it in, you're still completely welcome and encouraged to be apart of the discussion as the draft plays out. That's where the fun is. All of the live threads will be entirely open.

Please remember, casual but courteous is the key. The honor system is important here. Truth be told, we'll be pretty lenient unless the entire group is demanding otherwise. We're here to have fun and talk football.