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Browns' Family Day Event Sells Out in Less Than a Day

If you were wanting to attend Family Day in Akron this year and did not get your tickets yet, then I'm sorry to say that you are pretty much out of luck. The Cleveland Browns opened free registration for the scrimmage at InfoCision Stadium on Thursday at 10 AM. Ten hours later, the Browns announced that the capacity of 25,000 fans had already been reached:

This will be the first Family Day I'll be missing out on in years, but I'm happy that perhaps some of our reader base closer to the Akron area will be able to enjoy the event! To make up for the "loss," I already booked four training camp sessions in Berea that I plan on attending this year, which is an uptick from the 1-2 sessions I've gone to the past few seasons.

There are still 10 training camp sessions open in Berea. The first two days of practice (Saturday, July 26 and Sunday, July 27) sold out right away. As of today, Friday, August 1 is also now listed as being "sold out." The sessions I plan on attending, based on my reservations, include July 27, August 1, August 6, and August 15.

Did any DBN fans register in time for the Akron event?