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Johnny Manziel to Appear in Snickers Commercial

Jamie Squire

According to Darren Rovell of ESPN, Cleveland Browns QB Johnny Manziel has signed an endorsement deal with Snickers. Rovell says that Snickers will have Manziel appear in one of those "You're Not You When You're Hungry" commercials. If you're not familiar with that concept, check out the one that Betty White appeared in several years ago. Manziel's commercial for Snickers will be a national one, and is projected to be unveiled close to the start of the NFL season.

Manziel already appeared in a local commercial for Nissan, where he throws a football from 40 yards away inside the window of a vehicle traveling at 25 MPH. TMZ Sports reports that Manziel actually drilled the stunt driver in the face on one of the takes.

The press surrounding Manziel will only grow stronger once the media has their eyes on him at the start of training camp next week. That's right -- training camp opens to the public on Saturday!