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Browns WR Josh Gordon Ranked No. 16 on the NFL's Top 100 List

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

We finally have some Josh Gordon news, but it's not the suspension-related news...yet. On the same day that LT Joe Thomas was listed as the No. 18 player on the NFL's Top 100 list, the star Cleveland Browns wide receiver was ranked No. 16 on the list of the NFL's Top 100 Players of 2014.

When we heard that Thomas was No. 18 and Gordon's name had not come up yet, I thought he would be left off the list completely. It would have been a travesty of sorts given the record-setting season he had in 2013, but it also would have been a little understandable given the potential suspension news surrounding him.

Gordon's video features testimonials from CB Joe Haden, RB Chris Ogbonnaya, and CB Ike Taylor (Steelers).

This should complete the Browns players who are appearing in this year's list:

No. 16 - WR Josh Gordon
No. 18 - LT Joe Thomas
No. 39 -
CB Joe Haden