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Browns QB Johnny Manziel Leads NFL Jersey Sales

Johnny's jersey is a hot commodity not only in Cleveland, but across the league.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Since becoming a member of the BrownsJohnny Manziel has been flashing the money sign quite frequently. Fans have followed his lead by flashing their credit cards at

As ESPN's Darren Rovell reported today, Manziel's No. 2 uniform was the top selling jersey on during the first quarter of the NFL fiscal year.

No Browns player has finished first in individual jersey sales since the NFL began keeping track in 2001.

The rookie quarterback topped several other popular quarterbacks, including Russell Wilson of the Seahawks (#2), Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers (#3) and Peyton Manning of the Broncos (#4).

The only other rookie to crack the top ten was Rams defensive end Michael Sam at #6.

The popularity of Manziel's jersey comes as little surprise. While Manziel's offseason activities have frustrated Browns officials, including Browns owner Jimmy Haslam, Johnny Football has won over many Browns fans with his flashy style on and off the football field.

Cleveland fans have a well-known tendency to heap their hopes onto young quarterbacks selected early in the NFL Draft. Remember the other guy the Browns drafted in the first round in 2007, Brady Quinn? His jerseys were the second-most popular in the NFL heading into the 2007 season. By the end of his rookie campaign, Quinn sat at  #17 in jersey sales.

We'll see if Manziel's jersey still tops the sales chart at the end of the season.