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Update on Browns WR Josh Gordon's upcoming appeal hearing.

David Welker

Things aren't exactly what they seem? Hmm...

So, what do we know about Josh Gordon's current situation?

1. He's facing up to a 1-year ban from the NFL, after which he would be required to apply for reinstatement. This is allegedly due to either a second failed drug test or the failure to submit a test according to the substance abuse program guidelines.

2. He applied for an appeal and his appeal hearing is scheduled for this Friday, August 1st.

3. News of a possible Gordon suspension was first leaked on May 9th, the second day of the 2014 NFL Draft.

This story has been public for nearly three months with little resolution, updates, or progress. Now, I'm not the conspiracy theory type -- I tend to take speculation with a big pinch of salt, approach it with a healthy dose of skepticism, and eagerly hack it up with Occam's Razor when given half a chance -- but this strikes me as highly unusual. My being a Browns fan aside, this process has seemed to take much longer than the average NFL substance abuse program ruling. Additionally, aren't appeals usually held after an initial official ruling has been made?

My impression is that something is clearly holding up the process. Is or was there some kind of misunderstanding or discrepancy between the NFL and Gordon/the NFLPA? Does it have to do with the drug test (or failure to submit a test) itself or its handling/processing? Is there a disagreement as to what stage of the substance abuse program Gordon is or should be in? Could this have to do with a violation of confidentiality related to the initial leaking of the news? Has Gordon's legal team been working hard to delay the ruling? Or are both sides just trying to be as thorough as possible?

What do you think is behind this long delay?

What are your thoughts on Josh Gordon and his looming appeal hearing?

Are you, like me, eager for an official ruling so that we can finally get some answers?