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Pro Football Talk: Gordon's appeal will focus on "A" sample and "B" sample

Today Mike Florio dropped a bombshell regarding the upcoming Josh Gordon suspension appeal, and it's all in the details of the collection.

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Every Browns media site has voiced theories about why the appeals process for Josh Gordon's impending suspension has taken such a lengthy time to resolve. Today, Mike Florio at PFT has shed some light on these details, here.

Florio's sentiment in the article is decidedly Pro-Gordon, and many NFL experts have voiced similar concerns about the "Draconian" drug testing policy, especially when compared with the lenient stance on sex offenders and wife-beaters.

The best quote from the article may be the following:

"The NFL clearly got it wrong with Ray Rice.  The NFL has a chance to get it right with Josh Gordon."

UPDATE: Per ESPN's Adam Schefter, his sources agree verified PFT's report. Schefter also states that Gordon's defense will be that the values in the sample were the result of second-hand smoke, and they will have witnesses on hand to back up Gordon's claims.