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PFT: Josh Gordon's Appeal Hearing Will Continue Monday as Browns Wait

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The Cleveland Browns are going to have to play the waiting game a little bit longer when it comes to the status of WR Josh Gordon. Browns fans have already discussed the merits of the A-cup, B-cup disparity, and Friday was supposed to be the big day in which Gordon's appeal hearing would be set in New York.

No further details leaked about a possible decision or settlement throughout the day, but at night, Pro Football Talk confirmed that the appeal hearing lasted all day and will continue into Monday:

It's unclear at this point whether Gordon will be available for the Browns' scrimmage on Saturday, or if they will leave him be as he prepares for another long wait. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is busy in Canton this weekend, so one would have to wonder if the commish could actually play a hand in Gordon's case on Monday.