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NFL Releases Schedule of Fines for 2014 Season

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Football fans often use the term "No Fun League" to describe the National Football League.

Sometimes it's hard to argue. With the near-elimination of touchdown celebrations (including the recent ban of the goalpost dunk) and the institution of rules that significantly curb hitting, the NFL has taken a lot of heat lately.

The NFL recently released its schedule of fines for the 2014 season. To many fans, the fines do nothing to dismiss the nickname.

Below is a listing of fines, courtesy of Boston Globe's Ben Volin.

Some of the fines for the players are eyebrow raising. Tossing a football to a fan in the stands will cost $5,512. The retail price of a Wilson NFL football is $144. Careful not to display any personal messages, either. That will incur the same charge.

Also note the highest first offense fine of $27,562, which is a tie between fighting with other players and physical contact with an official. Even a non-verbal confrontation with a referee is expensive at $22,050. The NFL takes particular care to protect its referees.

Flashing gang signs or displaying an unapproved commercial logos will also get you in hot water. The NFL is not afraid to levy suspensions or fines in these areas. The league hasn't been reluctant in the past.

Granted, NFL players aren't poor. The average NFLer rakes in $1.9 million per year. But after several fines, most NFL players will feel the pain in their pocketbooks.

One point to note, however: the money does not go directly into the NFL's coffers. The fines are directed towards retired NFL players through the NFL Player Care Foundation and NFLPA Players Assistance Trust, as well as disaster relief and health-related charities.

In the long run, the fines can benefit the players after they retire. But for now, many NFL players won't find the fines as beneficial.